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Happy New Year!

So here we are at last. 2018.  And 2017 was a heck of a year.

2017 was a genuine mess for many people and in many places on Earth. From the emboldening of white supremacists to pretty much everything Trump has done to even more Jordan Peterson (as Tabatha Southey put it, “the stupid man’s smart person“). For many people, 2017 was a hellish year, and my heart truly goes out to those impacted. I hope the more hopeful and happy tone of the rest of my writeup doesn’t come off as dismissive to those who truly did have a particularly nasty 365 days. May your 2018 be much better and more hopeful.

For myself personally, it was actually a pretty good year. Though it started rough….

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Hello World!

So this is the blog I kept saying I’d start eventually.  I’m still not quite sure what I’ll write in here or how scattered the topics will be but people on Twitter don’t seem to mind the fact I whiplash between IT work, politics, videogames, technology, transition baggage, retro gaming and geek culture so lets see if that is portable to a blog platform.

I’ll at least attempt to write in an entertaining way.

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