New Ex-pee-riences (not sorry)

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I originally posted this on Twitter some time ago. Figured it would be a good idea to archive it here as well. Also makes it easier to read or refer to than a tweetstorm.

Effectively, I’ve been analyzing my new experiences post-GRS[note]Surgery that altered my genitalia, the surgeons constructed a vulva, clitoris and vagina using my penis[/note]. with both excitement and curiosity. On occasion, documenting it with some specificity.

One thing I’d always wondered about and at last got the opportunity to study was the changes in peeing. Effectively how it would feel as someone who’d possessed a penis all this time.

I had no idea what to expect regarding such a base function post op. It’s not like it’s written down somewhere easy to access (I’m sure there’s a Reddit thread somewhere, but I don’t Reddit much and it’d be hidden behind…lots of stuff).

So I’ll tackle this as what I’ve noticed pre and post.

First, a description of what peeing was like pre for context.

Basically, as one would expect: bladder pressure and that telltale pinchy feeling by the secondary sphincter muscle. That serves as feedback 1.

Second, when relieving myself, the relaxation of said secondary sphincter. Followed by the sensation of the urine entering the urethra by the ‘taint and doing its right angle correction. The latter would feel like slight pressure downwards. That was feedback 2.

As the flow reaches the tip, for this uncircumcised person, the feeling of a slight buildup of pressure behind the foreskin. Feedback 3.

And of course the sensation at the tip of the penis. Feedback 4.

So, post op. Most of that stimuli is missing. The bladder pressure and sphincter pinch is the same.

However, none of the other stimuli outlined above apply anymore. Heck, feedback 4’s responsible nerve cluster is now a whole inch above my new urethra.

How does that manifest realistically? Well, when I relax the secondary sphincter now, I get what we’ll call feedback 2F. The feeling of running water down the labia (formerly ‘taint). But nothing else.

This took some getting used to. Not only because my brain…

…expected more sensations from the act, but because some of the previous feedback could be used as error correction. Let me explain.

After a week sporting a catheter, my secondary and primary sphincters were weakened. So I sometimes had to consciously “squeeze” if I woke up with a big urge to pee.

With a penis, if I underestimated that effort, a bit of pee would escape but feedback 2 would…

…alert me to squeeze harder to shut it right proper. The urine would settle into the urethra with insufficient pressure to negotiate the right angle diversion. No harm done.

Lacking that feedback…I pee’d myself on the way to the toilet.

You see, feedback 2F(labia edition) is not quite as sensitive to body temperature fluids. Especially early on with much of my nerves not yet fully reconnected.

Therefore my sensations that altered me was when I felt a trickle down by thighs.

Even now, my brain half expects feedback 4 when I pee. But I suspect it’ll figure things out in time

Another thing to note is lack of feedback 2 and 3 make it a lot harder to know if pee is actually making it out while submerged or showering, as the water masks feedback 2F.

Anyhow, there’s my TED Talk about my impressions of pre and post op peeing.