Sex (change) education time!

So, anyone wondering what I had done, in animated detail: here’s a YouTube animation

So basically I have had my existing junk repurposed into what will become a near identical facsimile of the cis female genitalia, minus the cervix, uterus and ovaries. My testes are likely fertilizing some public park here somewhere or perhaps being used for some satanic ritual or something.

The pain was actually less than I’d fear or most would expect. I’ve had my share of pain, yes, but the worst would best be described as “extreme discomfort” more than “kill me I’m in pain”. In fact, the worst pain I’ve experienced would have been the last two days I had a catheter as my body was beginning to reject it.

Currently, my nerves are waking up and effectively doing the biochemical version of telling “WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!” to my brain which materializes in random feelings akin to someone briefly tapping my genitals with a car battery. I’m sure that’s someone’s kink, but for me it means I need to be careful around fragile objects.

The waking nerves have also had the effect of making peeing a bit… exciting. The downstairs is still extremely swelled up as is the new opening to my urethra. Which means when I pee it’s like someone has their finger on the garden hose; it goes everywhere except where it typically would. Which includes the newly awakened raw nerves making up the stitched incisions surrounding my vaginal cavity. Ever pee on a cut? Yeah…

I will be sitting funny and walking funny for a bit.

The biggest part of my recovery will be the aftercare. For the next month I need to “dilate” four times daily using what are effectively prescription dildos seemingly made of adamantium and modeled after the surgeon’s horse.

This is so my pelvic floor, not accustomed to leaving space for a vagina, doesn’t close up, and that the raw neovaginal skin doesn’t get the crazy idea to stick together and heal that way. Effectively I insert the two biggest dilators, or, if having trouble, start with the smaller one, for between ten and fifteen minutes each, followed by a cleaning regimen after each, usually totalling a combined hour to hour and a half per dilation session every day four times a day.

I will not be very social this December. Don’t take it personally.

January and February I need to do it only three times, and on and on until I only do it once a week as a precaution in case my pelvic floor gets any ideas.

For anyone wondering what the dilators look like, pictured below. I’ve named them, from left to right, Peabody, Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Pepsi bottle for scale.

After two months, certain portions of my anatomy will be touchable without inciting a crisis.

Two months after that, should I find a partner by then, they can play with it too. Otherwise I can probably also go toy shopping.

So that there in a nutshell is a glimpse into what I’ve gone through this past week and will be going through this coming year. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.