Month: July 2017

Don’t Worry Bigots, C-16 Won’t Outlaw Your Shit Personalities

So a few weeks ago, the Canadian senate voted on a bill that then got royal assent the following Friday officially labelled C-16. More colloquially it was called the “Trans Rights Bill”.[note] I don’t envy much of the U.S. political or legal system these days, but they do kick our asses in naming their bills, don’t they?[/note]

The bill actually failed to pass a couple times prior. In both cases blocked by the senate due to the tireless efforts of a senator and full time old crank Don Plett. And boy did Plett try his darndest to once again enforce his biases upon this country because, dammit, he’s gonna be the arbiter of all that is “proper” if it’s the last thing he does(gods willing, it will be).

It passed this time in a faith-in-humanity-restoring  67-11 with only three people abstaining. And lo did the bigots cry foul. People from the Ezra Levant camp of How-Can-People-be-This-Cartoonishly-Vile-and-Stupid to American Republicans and Trumpsters poking their noses in thinking we’re one of their states and decrying “This ain’t constitutional!” (you could tell when they’re American or just wanna-be Americans when they start calling the Charter ‘The Constitution’ or refer to its definitions or laws within under American amendment names).

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